Common Internal Diseases

Bone Fracture 骨折
Injury of Muscles & Tendons 筋伤
Joint Dislocation 关节脱臼脱位
Stroke 中风后遗症
Low Back Pain 腰腿痛
Lumbar Muscle 腰肌劳损
Ligamentous 膝关节韧带损伤
Sprain 扭伤
Arthritis 关节炎/骨性关节炎
Tennis Elbow 网球肘
Neck Pain 颈部疼痛(颈椎病)
Shoulder Pain 肩部疼痛(各种肩周炎)
Facial Paralysis 面神经麻痹
Deviation of the Eye & Mouth 口眼歪斜
Influenza 流感
Sore Throat/Pharyngitis 喉咙痛/声哑
Cough 咳嗽
Cold 伤风
Fever 发烧发热
Headache 头痛
Dizziness and Vertigo 眩晕
Allergic Rhinitis 慢性鼻炎
Sinusitis 鼻窦炎
Asthma 哮喘
Diarrhea 腹泻
Epigastric Pain 胃脘痛
Stomach Reflux 反胃
Vomiting 呕吐
Anorexia 厌食症
Constipation 便秘
Urinary Infection 泌尿感染
Enuresis 遗尿症
Chronic Prostatitis 慢性前列腺炎
Impotence 阳痿
Hypertension 高血压
Insomnia 失眠
Poor Memory 健忘
Menoxenia 月经不调
Climacteric 更年期综合症
Sterility 不孕症
Cutaneous Pruritus 皮肤瘙痒症
Eczema 湿疹
Tinea of Manuum and Pedis 手足藓
Acne Vulgaris 痤疮(青春痘)
Seborrheic Dermatitis 脂溢性皮炎
Psoriasis 银屑病
Urticaria 荨麻疹
Impetigo 脓疱疮
Herpes Zoster 带状疱疹
Rosacea 酒渣鼻
Ichthyosis 鱼鳞病
Hemorrhoid 痔疮


TCM Consultation

At the Long Zhong Tang Clinic, we don’t just treat a symptom; we aim to cure the root causes of the illness. Our physicians are well known throughout Hong Kong, China and Singapore for their intimate knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and they apply their skills judiciously and compassionately. Some of our patients enter our Clinic after giving up on western medication like Antibiotics. Our knowledge of the human body, combined with time honored TCM treatments, has enabled us to quickly nurse them back to perfect health.

And that’s the hope we offer to each and every patient that walks through our door!


Acupuncture is one of the building blocks of our TCM practice, and no other facility in Singapore has the type of skilled and experienced Acupuncturists as the Long Zhong Tang Clinic. Whether it’s chronic aches and pains, back stiffness, immobility in your neck, lower or upper body, we’ll nurse you back to full health.

An Acupuncturists skill is in determining exactly which points in the patient’s body require stimulation, and how to deliver the required effect. Through many years of studying and practicing the art and science of Acupuncture, our physicians excel in its application.

We don’t just use “checklists” and “templates”. Every patient that enters our Clinic is treated uniquely. And that’s our philosophy!

Tui Na

The Tui Na practitioners at Long Zhong Tang Clinic have mastered the art over many years of practice. Many of our patients come in feeling drained of energy, tired and lethargic. But by the time our physicians have delivered their therapeutic strokes, the patient feels rejuvenated and rebalanced!

Most other places don’t differentiate Tui Na from other forms of massage therapy. At Long Zhong Tang Clinic, we don’t treat it like just a “simple massage”. We don’t simply focus on muscles, joints and bones. Ours is a much deeper focus. Through carefully orchestrated kneading, pulling, sliding, rocking, shaking and gliding, our physicians deliver a healing touch!

Diseases Can Be Treated With TCM

Geriatrics – Geriatric diseases such as hypertension, heart diseases, wind stroke, senile dementia are all related to blood stagnation.

Cardiovascular Diseases – The basic cause of chest pain is obstruction of the circulation of Qi and blood. Weak circulation of blood causes stagnation of Qi.

Respiratory Diseases – Cough is insufficiency of qi and yin production. Pulmonary Qi which is unable to disperse results in cold wind resulting in fever and colds.

Digestive Disorder – Stomach Qi deficiency is the main syndrome related to indigestion. People suffering from Yang deficiency tend to have diarrhoea and need to eat warm foods.

Kidney Failure – Kidney Yin and Yang always influence each other. If Kidney Yin suffers long term damage, kidney Yang will be affected and result in both Yin and Yang depletion.

Dermatology – Rosacea involves excess heat in the body as well as an element of blood stasis. Depending on the severity of the rosacea, the Chinese herbal formula will vary for each individual.

Bone Diseases – Obstruction of the circulation of Qi and Blood in the channels are caused by cold/wind/damp in the muscles, tendons, bones & joints, causing soreness and pain.

Gynecology & Pediatrics – A smooth flow of Qi and Blood means the organs are harmonious therefore menstruation is normal. Children correspond to spring, to dawn, to the rising of yang within yin, to wind. Their qi is characterized by rapid, sudden movement that is also a feature of any changes in their state of health.

Tumours – Any type of toxification of the body will not only strengthen the zheng Qi , it will also strengthen the cancer cells . Must use toxic herbs or poisoning herbs to get rid of the cancer cells.

Rare Diseases – The limbs are the root of all Yang. Treatment of diseases ought to be aimed at their root.