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  • Welcome to Long Zhong Tang TCM Clinic

    Long Zhong Tang is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) organization in Singapore, using the traditional methods of TCM passed down through 5000 years of Chinese history.

    We combine the virtues of western medicine with traditional Chinese medicine to achieve the best result. Only western medical techniques can determine the actual nature of a person’s illness (e.g. cancer, etc). The role of Chinese medicine involving cancers and tumors of all types, is that the active compounds of Chinese herbs can directly affect cancer cells by slowing down their proliferation or increase cell death in cancer cells or both. We also specialised in acupuncture, Tuina (Chinese Massage Therapy), cupping therapy etc.





  • zhang

  • Prof Zhang Mao Ji

    Singapore Ministry Of Health Registered TCM Physician and Acupuncturist
    Former Prof. Of University of Chinese Medicine Beijing
    Former Consultant Doctor at the Beijing Tong Ren Tang
    Member of China Association of Acupuncture and Moxibustion
    Medical Consultant of Hong Kong Science & Technology College


    Cardiovascular Diseases
    Digestive Disorder
    Kidney failure
    Bone Diseases
    Gynaecology and Paediatrics
    various difficult to cure diseases

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  • cheng

  • Tan Say Leong – TCM Physician


    Qualification / Credentials

    Graduated from Nanyang University, Singapore
    TCM College, Singapore
    University of South Australia – Master Degree in Business
    Register with the Board of Ministry of Health, Singapore

    Experience as TCM Physician

    Part time at the Geylang West Senior Citizen Centre 1988 – 2001
    Volunteer at the Public Community Hospital 2002 – 2003
    Full time at a TCM clinic 2003-2004

    TCM Workshops

    Conducted workshops throughout Singapore for the public 1999-2004 – Topic covered were: diabetes and treatment / high blood pressure and treatment

    Teaching Experience

    At Spatec 2003 – alternative treatments, eg. acupuncture, chinese acupressure massage etc

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About Long Zhong Tang – Kreta Ayer Branch

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has now acquired a status almost equivalent to other homeopathic and allopathic disciplines. As diseases grow in complexity and frequency of occurrence, more and more patients are turning to the nearest TCM clinic to ensure a speedy and permanent recovery.


And as an established TCM clinic, Long Zhong Tang has respected centers of TCM excellence. That’s because:

  • we have one of the most experienced teams of Acupuncture, Tui Na and other Traditional Chinese Medicine experts in the industry
  • our TCM practitioners are well respected across the region, including Hong Kong, China and here in Singapore
  • our TCM clinic focuses not just on treating symptoms, but we’ve perfected the healing art of treating root causes of major illnesses
  • we have created an enviable track record at our TCM clinic where patients, who were disappointed by other forms of treatments, have been effectively treated for their underlying illnesses by our in-house Traditional Chinese Medicine specialists

All of this sets the Long Zhong Tang Traditional Chinese Medicine practice out amongst its competitors.

And to highlight our commitment to Traditional Chinese Medicine in the region, we are now pleased to announce the formation of our latest TCM clinic branch, located in Duxton Road.

While offering other Traditional Chinese Medicine options to our patients, the latest TCM clinic in our fold specialises in:

  • Chinese Orthopaedic
  • Chinese Medicine

Patients suffering from conditions requiring specific attention in these two areas will benefit greatly from our Bugis Branch TCM clinic.

Functioning under the watchful oversight of the same management team of Long Zhong Tang Traditional Chinese Medicine experts, our latest TCM clinic is committed to delivering the same level of excellent patient care that we are renowned for.

Our Services

At Long Zhong Tang, we are a full-service TCM clinic that focuses on delivering complete wellness to our patients. We therefore offer a wide range of services to patients suffering from a variety of symptoms, including:

TCM Consultation

Some times, our patients are savvy enough to know the exact cause and proposed wellness treatment they need. And we are happy to oblige. But most of our patients come in distressed and unsure what ails them. Our expert TCM specialists are renowned for their consultation skills at determining the precise cause for pain, discomfort or general ill health.

Through careful listening skills, seasoned diagnosis abilities and a compassionate healing touch, our physicians quickly and effectively deliver safe and permanent relief to our clients.

Where patients were unable to find relief elsewhere, we are proud of our track record of being able to consult, diagnose and deliver precise treatments for some of the most complex cases.

Chinese Orthopaedic (Tui Na)

Here at Long Zhong Tang, we are renowned across the region for having the most experienced team of Tui Na physicians around. Through many years of practice, and an in-depth study of the human musculoskeletal structure, we deliver carefully calibrated orthopaedic treatment to our patients.

Many of our patients, who have experienced Tui Na at other clinics, remark how similar those treatments felt to “ordinary massages”. The fact is that a Tui Na specialist is not just an ordinary masseuse. And while other clinics pass simple massages for Tui Na, we differ from such practices. Here, at Long Zhong Tang, we practice Tui Na in its true form and deliver REAL relief to our patients.

Chinese Medicine Prescription

Not only are Long Zhong Tang medical practitioners proficient in the art of healing, but they are also professionals who are tuned into the latest developments in Chinese medicine. Using their knowledge of current medicinal treatments available, our experienced physicians are able to use their years of experience for diagnosing and prescribing the most effective Chinese medicine for a wide range of health conditions.

Each of our TCM Clinic locations are stocked with the most potent and highly effective teas, pills, decoctions, infusions, herbs and powders, so that our physicians are readily able to recommend the most appropriate combination of TCM prescriptions.

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